Maryann: Story of Change

Maryann: Story of Change

Maryann* is 12 years old, currently enrolled in Elementary School as grade 6 student. Before the child had no close friend and seldom interacted with other children. After her tutorial class she immediately went home and helped her mother in their house. Also, every time we had a program she was always shy, seldom spoke in the big group, and refused to participate in group dances. Before the summer she was hesitant to join the upcoming camp, according to her she had no friend there and she was shy but finally she decided to join the camp.  In the camp proper, she met a lot of friends; she was also active every time there is discussion, she enjoyed the whole activity in the camp. On the last night of camp they presented their group dance. During sharing time she disclosed to the group that she learned a lot in the camp and one of her learnings is how to interact with other children. Now she has become more active and interacts with others. Every activity such as Birthday celebration or general assembly workshop she is always present and dressed up. Now, she has many friends in the center and often she invites her friends to their house. During Foundation Day they showcased their talent through dancing.

*name changed

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