Camp Level II

Camp Level II

I am Marvin and I greatly enjoyed our Camp in Mindoro and the sessions of Pastor Mike. I learned for my life that it is important to support each other and you should not be ashamed to try difficult challenges and trust God. What I learned I have shared to others to guide them and to be a good example to them. I want that we all talk about the same things at Onesimo Bulilit. It was so great and beautiful to spend time with my friends in Mindoro, to have enough food at the right time, a proper place to sleep, and to sleep and wake early.

I am Sheila and I am so happy I was able to join another camp in Mindoro together with my friends. I learned during the sessions to fight in the challenges of life. The camp helped me because we felt united. Despite the challenges, God is with us and we learned how to face the challenges of life. I shared with others what I experienced so that they may also realize how good God is to us and they hear about the good examples we learned at Camp Level II.

I am Luisa, I have learned to worship God, and it helped me to lighten my problems. What I learned at Camp Level II I continue at home, to honor God, to follow him, and to help with household chores.

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