Camp Level I

Camp Level I

From May 14-18, thirty-five children enjoyed for the first time the beautiful beach at Camp Rock. They were from the streets of Tondo and Quiapo and new to Onesimo Bulilit. Eight Junior leaders, themselves program participants, acted as ate (older sisters) and kuya (older brothers) to the new kids. Through the camp theme “Shield Squad” the children experienced activities like climbing up to the Aninuan falls, swimming in the sea, showcasing their talents, beach cleaning, outdoor games, devotions and group sharing times. They were amazed about the beauty of God’s creation, for most of them it was the first time to come to a place like this.

Harlene (Junior Leader)
I was very happy in the camp, even though the kids were difficult to handle. I learned that I just have to play with them, and through that a closeness developed and they shared about their lives and experiences. I realized how important it is to listen to them.

Rohanisa (Junior Leader)
I learned patience and how to deal with the difficult behavior of the kids.

Makis (Outreach Worker)
I was so happy to see the kids enjoying the camp. They experienced the beauty of God’s creation and learned lots about the topics and the word of God. The camp made a deep impact on the children, now they have got to know Onesimo Bulilit and regularly visit the Drop-in center. It was difficult initially to get the consent of some parents, but when they heard the stories of their children, they told us how memorable the camp was for their children. The now have gained trust in us and they came appreciate Onesimo Bulilit a lot.

Bryan (Camp Director)
I am thankful to God for the responsibility and trust given to me to lead the camp. I saw the different views of my co-workers and learned how to balance each situation. I am very happy with the junior leaders. Before they were campers themselves but now they are guiding them. It was a great joy to see the excitement of the kids and I am thankful for the deep impact it had on them.


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