About us

Onesimo Bulilit Foundation is a faith-based, non-profit, non-government organization working among street children and their families in Manila, Philippines.

Onesimo Bulilit is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and licensed and accredited with the Department of Social Welfare and Development as child caring and child placing agency.

Our Vision

We are a nurturing community, working towards creating a world safe for children, that together we may experience God’s Kingdom.

Our Mission

We reach out to children at risk.
We create an environment that nurtures hope and restoration.
We provide opportunities for development, participation, and empowerment.

Our Core Values

DSC_0484Christ-centered ministry.

We orient our lives and service on the model and teaching of Jesus Christ.

12-DevtCenter DSC_6079Respect for Dignity.

We respect the inherent dignity, worth, beauty, and creativity of each individual.

DSC_9207Nurturing Relationships.

We believe that meaningful and nurturing relationships facilitate transformation and personal growth.

DSC_1609Participation & Empowerment.

We promote the participation of children in all decisions concerning them, and we empower children and parents to take responsibility for their own lives.

IMG_5559Child-friendly Environment.

We create a child-friendly environment where the children are safe and have space to play.

Child-focused Education.DSC_6127

We promote and practice education that takes into consideration the child’s nature, preferences, and capacity and aims at developing the child’s full potential.

DSC_9526Learning Organization.

We value a constant process of creative change, growth, and learning.



Our Target Population

Our programs focus on some of the most highly congested inner city areas of Manila City, including Quiapo, Divisoria, and Tondo.
Our target group includes out-of-school street children that spend extended hours on the streets without parental supervision.

Particularly, we work with with three types of street children:

  • children of street families;
  • “street working children”, spending their days unsupervised on the streets vending, begging and getting involved in petty crime;
  • “street living children”, making a living on the streets on their own, run-aways, abandoned or with parents in jail.

The residential programs also caters for physically and sexually abused children.

Our Approach

At Onesimo Bulilit, we:

  • use a developmental approach, viewing the child in the context of his or her family and community;
  • support and empower families to use their own resources in order to care for their children;
  • want to see both parents and junior leaders becoming models and transforming agents for their families and community;
  • aim to build family-like communities as a venue for healing and transformation;
  • believe that genuine transformation cannot happen without the power of God’s healing love and grace.