Child Safeguarding

Onesimo Bulilit is committed to the welfare and protection of all children, regardless of race, social background, age, gender, disability, or religion. We oppose all forms of child abuse and exploitation.

We believe that every person has inherent value and dignity, being created in God’s own image and likeness. Thus it is our utmost concern to uphold the dignity of each and every individual as image-bearer of God and to protect them from harm. We are committed to create a safe environment for children and their carers; to act promptly on any complaints made; to care for those who have been abused in the past; and to provide opportunities for healing and flourishing.

We are committed to keeping the law on children’s rights and welfare as stated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, RA 7610 (Special Protection of Children against Child Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination), PD 603 (Child and Youth Welfare Code), RA 9208 (Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act).

We aim to protect children from all forms of abuse by our staff, volunteers and other persons who come in direct contact with the children under our care.

We take decisive action in the case of an incident of abuse in cooperation with the appropriate authorities.

Onesimo Bulilit believes that children have the right to speak, to be heard and to participate in all decisions concerning them.

Onesimo Bulilit has a Child Protection Policy in place.