Story of Transformation

Story of Transformation

Six (6) years ago, Marilou* became a beneficiary of the Drop-in Center, then Child Sponsorship Program and now she is under the College Educational Assistance Program (CEAP).

She started in the year 2012 wherein she was 2nd year high school. That time, she was living in the street with her family and friends.  At a young age, she worked as a scavenger and dishwasher to earn money to sustain her educational needs and to provide the necessities of her family. She became the main provider to her family since her father passed away in the year 2011.  According to her, Marilou experienced a lot of struggles in pursuing her dream to finish her studies due to financial reasons and responsibilities in their family. Despite of that, she was able to continue studying while working at night and during weekends. In year 2013, Marilou was included in Child Sponsorship Program because she showed good academic performance and active participation in OBFI various activities. She maintain her good grades and was able to work on her own, until she graduated from High School and was enrolled in college in year 2015.

Currently, Marilou is a 4th year college student in Universidad de Manila taking up Bachelor of Science in Social Work. According to her, she was inspired to take up this course because Onesimo Bulilit Foundation had always been there to help her. In return, she wants to help people too because she knows and experienced the feeling of someone who needs help.

Since she is a graduating college student, she cannot attend regularly at activities, however, when she is available, she spends her free time at the Student Center to assist other children in their assignments and participate in activities as part of being a beneficiary of OBFI.

Since 2014, Marilou and her family are now renting a room since they became a beneficiary of Modified Cash Conditional Transfer (MCCT) under Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). She and her family received the rental for 6 months and were encouraged to work to continue renting the room.

Throughout the years that Marilou is a beneficiary of Onesimo Bulilit Foundation, she has been determined and showed eagerness to finish her studies. She is responsible with her studies and has the courage to continue fulfilling her dreams despite of life circumstances.

*name changed

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