15 years Onesimo Bulilit

15 years Onesimo Bulilit

On August 9, 2019 we celebrated 15 years of Onesimo Bulilit. With us were children and families from different programs. On the rooftop at Fraternal Street in Quiapo the children and some parents showcased their talents with dances, songs and theater. Executive Director Juliet Andaya honored our Board members. Founder Daniel Wartenweiler, visiting from Switzerland with his family, challenged the audience with an inspirational talk. He shared that the children, families, staff, volunteers and board members were an inspiration to him. But most and foremost Jesus himself is the greatest inspiration with his life: his heart for the children (Mk 10:13-16), his heart to serve and empower (Mark 10:42-44), his best interest for the people up and above the law (Mk 3:1-6), and his deep identification with the least and the poor (Matthew 25:40). 

Hosts Maron and Raquel


OBFI Staff and Volunteers

Ferdie Garay (Administrator) and Juliet Andaya (Executive Director) with board of trustess members


Daniel Wartenweiler with his family arriving in Manila



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