Covid-19 Food Supply Relief

Covid-19 Food Supply Relief

On March 26, Onesimo Bulilit was able to serve food packs to 100 indigent families including 5 kilos of rice and groceries amidst the Corona-lockdown, with the help and support of Mrs. Therese Garcia and her family. More relief goods to come to serve the most vulnerable families in our communities who are starving due to the current crisis.

On April 4, Onesimo Bulilit and Taiwan Fund Children and Families Foundation were able to serve 136 indigent families with 10 kilos of rice and grocery packs. OBFI also was also able to provide Gardenia Breads to 313 individuals and families from our  partner Gardenia Bakeries. The families were so thankful for all the blessing they received.

On April 21, Onesimo Bulilit through Servants Manila was able to distribute 10kg of rice and grocery packs to 274 needy families in Quiapo and nearby areas, particularly serving street families who are not reached by government food relief. Thousands are hungry by now, and we do what we can to lighten the burden and support the poorest of the poor.

Some reactions from the families:

“Thank you to God and to the people he uses to support us with food relief! Many thanks to all workers of Onesimo Bulilit and to all the donors! This is a great help to us and to our children!”

“Thank you all of Onesimo Bulilit and all the sponors and all the workers. Many, many thanks to all of you! We won’t forget that. May God bless you all because you are good people. Thank you very very much. We love you.”

“We thank you without end for all your support to our family.”

“Many thanks to Onesimo Bulilit you are such a great help to us. Without you, we do not know where we would be now.”

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