Precious Home

The Precious Home is a therapeutic home for up to 9 sexually abused girls. Girls are being admitted from the community based programs of Onesimo Bulilit or referred by local social welfare offices or other NGOs.

The house provides a child friendly and safe place, where the girls can experience healing and develop holistically. A licensed psychologist guides the girls in their therapeutic process, and a licensed social worker handles the case management and prepares the girls for their reintegration with their families or for a placement in a foster family. The girls may to stay in the center for up to two years.

The program includes the following components:

  • A safe and family like atmosphere, individual play therapy, and group therapy promote emotional healing and development.
  • Shared life in the home, regular  group sharing, and various activities such as art sessions, outings, or camps promote social and interpersonal development.
  • Regular devotions, introduction to mindfulness and meditation, as well as church attendance promote spiritual development.
  • Balanced nutrition, engagement in sports, medical services, and training in body care promote physical well-being and development.
  • Active participation in household work and weekly group sessions promote values- and character development.
  • Enrollment in public schools, the alternative learning system, and individual tutorials promote educational development.