Celebration of OBFI 19th Foundation Day

Celebration of OBFI 19th Foundation Day

On November 8, 2023, the Onesimo Bulilit Foundation Inc. (OBFI) marked a significant milestone as it celebrated its 19th founding anniversary at the OBFI building’s roof deck in Quiapo, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. with 136 attendees. The event was not merely a commemoration but a heartfelt expression of gratitude, recognition, and celebration.

The light-hearted activity commenced with a captivating dance interpretation presented by the Gazelle interpretative dance group, setting an uplifting tone for the entire celebration.

Ms. Armi A. Martinez, the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, extended a warm welcome and delivered the opening remarks, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of all the people behind the milestones of the foundation, such as the staff, volunteers, donors, sponsors, partners, and significant people connected to OBFI.

The Precious Home kids added a touch of charm with their tambourine dance presentation, showcasing the talent and joy within the OBFI family.

Furthermore, Atty. Gilbert T. Andres, the Board of Trustee Corporate Secretary, shared an inspirational talk about the success of the foundation.

An impactful audio-visual presentation followed, featuring greetings and messages from key figures such as Mr. Daniel Wartenweiler, Former Executive Director; Mr. Christian Schneider, Former Servants/Onesimo CH Coordinator; and Mr. Thomas Wartenweiler, Servants/Onesimo CH Coordinator. After the video presentation, Nikko John Bautista, an intern from OMSC, added a musical touch with a heartfelt song number.

A heartfelt moment unfolded as OBFI recognized dedicated staff members, Ms. Ritchie M. Dutong and Ms. Evelyn I. Napoles, for their five years of service. Volunteer parents from the Community-Based Program (Quiapo) and the Community-Based Program (Tondo) were also honored, underscoring the collaborative efforts that fuel OBFI’s success. In addition, certificates of appreciation were extended to partner organizations, highlighting the vital role of collaboration in OBFI’s impactful initiatives.

The event reached its heartfelt peak as Ms. Juliet S. Andaya, RSW, the Executive Director of OBFI, delivered closing remarks, expressing gratitude and emphasizing the collective achievements of the foundation. On the other side, the winners of the quiz bee were duly recognized, adding an element of friendly competition to the celebration

As the curtain fell on the 19th founding anniversary celebration, Pastora Gloria Amar, one of the Board of Trustees, offered a heartfelt prayer and benediction, bringing spiritual closure to the event. The Onesimo Bulilit Foundation Inc. 19th Founding Anniversary Celebration was not just a milestone; it was a symphony of gratitude, recognition, and hope for the future.

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