Family Retreat 2019

Family Retreat 2019

On February 4-6, 2019,  Onesimo Bulilit once again conducted a 3-day Family Retreat which aims to bring all the children and their families together to deepen their relationship, relaxation, foster bonding, sharing, learning and fun. There were a total of two hundred thirty seven (237) campers consists of 58 parents, 124 children and 39 counselors, staff and guests and two of them are Kuya Chris and Ate Christine Schneider who also served as Asst. Counselors and photographers of the retreat. The retreat has served 47 families with a theme ” Pamilyang Sentro si God, Masaya’t Sasagana, held at Project Jabez Campsite, Dasmarinas Cavite.

In the retreat, the campers shared that they loved and enjoyed this event because there were plenty of food; able them to eat three times a day, snacks also served. Activities of the retreat include family team building, family sessions and topics like the heart of parenting, the importance of obedience, family vision and dreams and among others. The campers also show cased their talents during the fun and talents night. The children enjoyed the swimming time with their parents. The families also received each bag of groceries, Gardenia breads, and their awards from participating all the activities and games. Also, the staff have prayed all these families together. To God be the Glory.

Voices from the retreat:

Moris* (13, lives with his grandmother and four siblings on the street):
The greatest thing was playing games and swimming in the pool. In the retreat I learned that we should listen to each other and take the commandments of God seriously. Life on the street is difficult. Often we have to look for a new place to sleep, and carry all our belongings along.

Obed* (23, Muslim, visits the reateat togehter with his two siblings (16 and 18 years):
Very seldom in our lives we can enjoy playing and swimming. I enjoyed new friendships, also with people from different religions. And I enjoyed the food. I learned that for every problem there is a solution, and most often the solution has to do with forgiveness. At home I have to earn money every day in order to survive. I will be sad because I will miss my new friends here.

Ariel* (62, two years ago his wife died with 42 years and left him four children (3, 9,10 und 15). All his children receive support from Onesimo Bulilit for their schooling.):
I am so happy here, because I see my children happy. They can play and eat. It is a great experience to be here like brothers and sisters together. I have discovered the word of God again and would like to share it with my friends at home. I have learned that life and spirituality belong together. At home I would like to spend more time with my children and seek out my relationship to them. I don’t know how to push on. I am a street vendor but I have used up my business capital anymore. 

Olivia* (31, has a husband and four children):
We experience a happy time together as a family. Through Onesimo Bulilit I have learned much about faith. We have received help when one of my children was sick.

Maria* (50, single mother of three children):
Here in the retreat we can grow closer as a family and we have a happy time together. When I have problems in my life I can go to the workers of Onesimo Bulilit and ask for advice. I want to spend more time talking with my children. I have realized that I should be more patient with them. It is good to return home with new experiences and with the words of the Bible. 

* names changed

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